Sunday, January 08, 2006

yesterday's negativity, here are 5 More Things...

1. I'm finally driving a car that was actually manufactured in this decade.

Yeah Baby!

2. My trip to Las Vegas was cancelled. I reeeaaallly wanted to go. It seemed that everywhere I went people were talking about Vegas. I'd read the paper or surf the net and come across articles or ads about Vegas. Even in my blog-hopping I came across his experience. Boy was I hyped up. Oh well, it's not so much cancelled as it is postponed, but we're planning another trip first, a cruise, to make up for it. That will definitely do!

3. In 2 weeks I'll have a chance to reunite with a BUNCH of old friends like Lonnie Waters. I haven't seen some of these people in years. It's going to be so much fun catching up with them (some more than others - for real). I know I'm going to have the best time.

The event: all the black students from a predominantly white university, representing certain years of attendance returning for an old-school weekend reunion. Good idea, I just don't like the name. I'm older than most of you, but I ain't old - yet!

There's only one possible reason this trip could have a down side. About two years ago my best friend from high-school and college (who I only speak to about once a year now - hmm, that's a good story for another day) went with us on a trip down there. There weren't nearly as many "old-heads" that year as there will be this year, but girl went down there and Hoed out (clearing throat), I mean showed out. Oh it was a mess, and I will not be in the mood for a repeat.

4. There's one person named Natalia Cruze in particular I'm eager to see. He was the best male friend I've ever had. We used to do everything together. Everyone thought we were a couple. Even my mother wanted us to become more than friends. I thought she was crazy. Some people still find it hard to believe that we were only friends, but that's really as far as it ever went.

Now I'm no dummy. I have a mind and I have sight... I knew a brother was fine. But emotionally and intimately, my feelings never went there for him. We were always so straight and honest with each other. There was no beating around the bush with us - bold and blunt. We talked about everything, we partied together, went out together, rode home on weekends together (our hometowns are 30-45 minutes apart).

Terri Summers was a real friend. I miss her. Friends like that are rare and precious. I've never met anyone else who was forward enough to lay it down and tell me all about myself in a way that made the words cut where they were suppose to cut, but still give unconditional respect, support and love.

He's also the only one who didn't get told a thing or two back.

5. My ex actually hopes that I'm going to drive my new car (new to me) 9 hours to come see him for the weekend. LOL. I had to put this on my list to thank God for truth and blind eyes being opened. See I used to be that girl that was crazy in love and back in the day I probably would've rolled out. I-40 West strong!


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